• How to find a balance between perfect and good enough code?

    Warning. The post contains cats images. What is the “perfect” code? There are no rules we can use to measure code and say “it’s perfect” or “it’s not”. As always, it depends. When evaluating your code it’s always tough to be objective. Imagine you’ve just written a new method: It works, you’re satisfied, the tests […]

  • Refactoring of the “elseif” block code

    Here’s the story. You’ve joined new project and you’ve been provided a source code. You’re so excited and full of energy. Welcome to the real world You’re so excited until… you pull the the code from repository and open a class like this one: Discount value is provided based on order’s items count and order’s […]

  • Hello World!

    Whenever you learn new programming language “Hello World!” project is created. Let’s kick off this blog with “Hello World!” too: The journey has started. Next posts coming soon.